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  • Elena
  • I have learned Chinese for several years. I changed more than 3 teachers. I need a systemic and efficient studying. And I want to know more about china , Chinese and Chinese culture. Then my friend introduced me Mandarin Garden. What the teacher there gav
  • Alicia
  • Through the Chinese culture activities, I make many friends from all over the world. I learnt how to make dumplings, rice dumplings and flower arrangement. I like the activities of Mandarin Garden. They enriched my life in Shanghai.
  • Conni
  • I am glad to study in Mandarin Garden. My teacher is very nice and helpful, and the staff of the school is nice to me. I love Chinese and I love to learn Chinese. It’s very practical. I will try to learn it well.
  • Pierre
  • Mandarin Garden is a great place to get to know Chinese culture and to learn Chinese.They offer plenty of activities for an even profounder knowledge.The atmosphere is professional and at the same time relaxed.
  • Niels
  • I don’t like studying in a boring class. i wish my teacher can always be passionate and push me to study further. In Mandarin Garden, I found the right teacher for me and now I enjoy my class very much. Thanks a lot.
  • Tomas
  • I have compared several schools before my decision. I want to learn Chinese well and I also like to know Chinese culture. And I think the attitude of the teacher, the consultant here are all very positive. I like to stay with them and get the care from th



Since 2007, Expat Show Shanghai is helping foreigners to find all the information, products and services they might need for their life in Shanghai.
On top of that, it will keep bringing interesting Activities like the “Association Village”, the “Kindergarten”, the “Live Performances”… and also new ones, like the Drawing Contest and the Expat Show Awards.
It's the 5th edition of Expat Show Shanghai and the 3rd Cusine Festival.L8BLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
It is a big party for forieners in Shanghai, and it made a big success again, and create a milestone for Shanghai expatrate community by drawing 9385 visitors over three days.
14th-16th September at Shanghai exhibition centre.
Mandarin Garden is also very honored to participate in it and our Chinese tea ceremony, playing Er hu and Tai ji performance has attracted many visitors to come our booth.

expat showL8BLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden

expat showL8BLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
expat showL8BLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
expat showL8BLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
expat show
L8BLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden

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